Expansion of BaseLaunch Portfolio Companies


Congratulations to NextImmune AG and InCephalo - the first two companies to be announced in 2021 - for their selection as new portfolio companies of BaseLaunch receiving seed funding!


As one of the partners of BaseLaunch and representing in the venture selection board, Bridge Biotherapeutics through its contributions to BaseLaunch has joined funding of the two early-stage biotech companies. In addition to receiving funding to de-risk the science, BaseLaunch, with further input and support from its partners,  will also help building out the companies by closely collaborating with the teams and also providing deep access to its network of life sciences experts, consultants, entrepreneurial minded biotech executives and contacts in the industry. By receiving funding through approval from the BaseLaunch selection board, these companies also benefit from increased external visibility and validation, which may help them standout in the crowded and competitive seed-stage venture landscape.  


NextImmune AG, a spin-off from the University of Basel, Switzerland, has been working on the research and development of a novel class of immunosuppressive therapies for autoimmune-inflammatory diseases and organ transplantation.


InCephalo, a spin-off from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, is focusing on developing a novel, potentially broad-use technology platform — called ‘CLocked technology’ — which enhances drug delivery and confinement to the targeted organ which may improve efficacy at lower doses while improving safety.


Bridge Biotherapeutics joined BaseLaunch in July 2020 as its first Asian industry partner and has collaborated closely with other partners at BaseLaunch, such as Roche, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Roivant Sciences, CSL Behring, and BB Pureos Bioventures.